resurrectionist, n, 1. An exhumer and stealer of corpses; a resurrection man. 2. One who revives or brings to light again.

I went to rest one merry night,

On the morrow was a dreadful sight.

My dear loved one has passed away.

So to the coffin they must stay.

In the earth were ’tis quiet and calm

to rest in peace till the Lord has come.

I go to visit, weep and mourn.

Lo’ my loved one’s body has gone

Not to heaven where she belongs

but from the grave to the doctor’s room.


Such evanescence; to emerge from the ground after such a long time and then transform, gaining wings. They are born once again from the womb of their own body, which is abandoned as an empty shell, and then they leave the world. After such a long time in darkness, we can live for only a short while.